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Move Over Tyrese: R. Kelly Loses It During Interview With Gayle King

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

by Joseph Leveston

Okay, fam. Most, if not all of us by now have seen at least the snippet of R. Kelly having a Tyrese level meltdown in front of Gayle King during an interview on CBS This Morning.

The 52 year old crooner who’s responsible for so many timeless records such as “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Step In the Name Of Love” has been in hot water for over a decade due to accusations for sexual misconduct as well as aggravated criminal sexual abuse. The variable that makes this even scarier is that the majority are with minors. Some of the accusations set against him are that he holds these young women hostage in his home and dictates every aspect of their lives. He tells them when to eat, sleep, has them bound in chains and also forces them into sexual acts. King sat down with Kelly yesterday morning in an interview to let him tell his side of the story, something that hasn’t been done in all the years of accusations. According to King, Kelly “welcomed the opportunity to speak” in an attempt to sway the public and clear his name.

Throughout the interview, Kelly seemed to have played the victim card stating that his main crime was that he had “too big of a heart” and how he has been repeatedly done wrong by those he was trying to help. He also stated that every one of his accusers were lying and were trying to. At one heated point in the interview, Kelly became highly emotional and began ranting and spouting profanities toward the camera as if directly speaking to us, pleading for us to believe him. With that being said, let me just say this: We’re not ignorant, at least I’m not. There’s no possible way you can tell me that throughout the span of over a decade, numerous young women have come forward with so many of the same accusations and they’re ALL lying. Mind you, none of them even know each other so it’s not like it’s some collaborative effort to take this man down.

R. Kelly is a pedophile, that’s just a cold, hard fact. In my opinion (and that’s all it is), with R. Kelly having such a meltdown on such a public forum, it seems as if something snapped within him to where he knew that his time was finally up and that he was going to be rightfully charged for what he’s done. He’s also been doing these things for so long and getting away with them so of course he’s going to snap when he’s finally being forced to face them head on. I’ll also say this: yes, R. Kelly is completely responsible for what he did but let’s look at the parents as well. Parents are BRINGING their children to his concerts. Let’s dissect that for a minute. Every R&B loving, news watching, common sense possessing parent knows full well what R. Kelly has not only been accused of but also what he’s actually done. Yet, they’ll still bring their children to his concerts, allow them on stage with him, allow personal relationships with him under the guise of a career or what have you and then look what happens at some point.

What I’m saying is that there is also a good amount of blame on the parents as well. I’m not a parent but there’s no way in the world that I’m allowing my daughter to be ANYWHERE near that man for any reason. When weighing in on an issue, I always try to see both sides of a situation but this is one of the few times where there’s only side to the argument: the RIGHT side and it’s not Kelly’s. Peace...