• David Neff

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Finale Predictions

Steamrolling fast into the finale, I think it’s best to keep in mind that this is a prediction and I’m very likely to be wrong. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has captivated audiences as Marvel tends to do with good action and commentary on what it means to take up the shield. With John Walker seemingly set up to be at the bare minimum an antagonist, here’s what I think happens in the finale!

Sam Officially Becomes The New Captain America.

  • This seemed like a foregone conclusion with the box. Besides screaming what’s in the box! It’s clear that this story set up to have Sam don the wings and shield with the training he’d been doing. In the comics, his wings were a gift from T’Challa with a little bit of extra upgrades.

Bucky Gives Yori The Closure He Needs...But...It Doesn’t Lead To Peace For Bucky.

  • Bucky still fights with himself internally because he puts so much guilt on himself. There are moments in this series where he shies away from the conflict. After that heart to heart with Sam, it’s very likely that Bucky finds away to make amends with Yori. I don’t expect it to be clean however as it likely damages that friendship beyond repair. Yet, this feels like the right step for Bucky to take.

Sharon Carter Reveals It’s All A Ruse And Uses Batroc To Capture The Flag Smashers.

  • I don’t think they’d go as far as turning Sharon Carter into the Power Broker. In fact, I don’t feel that we’ll even see who the Power Broker is. She uses her shady power to capture the Flag Smashers by any means necessary. This will become a direct conflict with Sam and Bucky but, it was something that Sharon was always willing to sacrifice.

Sam Continues To learn To Be The Symbol With Isaiah Bradley’s Help Inspiring Eli To Follow In His Grandfather’s Footsteps.

  • It just feels that Sam isn’t going to just stop with the visitations so I think this could be a catalyst to a bigger role for Bradley.

John Walker Will Appear To Save The Day Despite The Government Denying Him The Opportunity.

  • He currently has the shield and while he may lose it in this final fight, people will look upon Walker as somewhat of a hero. Walker however won’t take well to it and will constantly fight his image in the future.