• David Neff

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Season Finale Review

That’s a wrap on two Marvel series and this was heavy handed into shooing in Sam Wilson into Captain America role. It works on a lot of levels but, does that make this series memorable? Debatable.

A few positives for starters, any scenes that involved Sam and Isaiah Bradley were incredible. The acknowledgement of giving Isaiah Bradley his just due is a perfect ending to this series as it shows real maturity from Marvel in giving this social commentary it’s voice. There will be plenty of people who believe that this isn’t necessary but, in a world that continues to show its ugly side in the name of race, it’s important to see these symbols and representation across all forms of media.

The early action sequences between Sam and Batroc were also impressive showcasing George St. Pierre awesome ability to be a consistent threat. The ending speech to the GRC was the final nail of allowing Sam to ascend and become a true Captain America. One that’s not always about patriotism (as opposed to nationalism) but, justice instead. I’ll be honest, I was worried how would a series that poses Anthony Mackie as the main lead feel? My concerns were true early on as you weren’t sure if Mackie could really take the helm. Thankfully, I was completely wrong by the end of the series and look forward to his upcoming movie.

That being said, I feel most of this finale wasn’t exactly earned by the rest of the cast. For starters, the Flag Smashers felt more pedestrian than dangerous. The final fight with Karli Morgenthau was cliched and safe. It needed to take a decision of performing the duties of the shield while looking for the best way out. However, it turned into a redundant “I’m not going to fight you” fight. Then there’s Sharon Carter who comes out as the antagonistic Power Broker. It’s a head-scratching decision to cast her as the Power Broker considering one of her plans was to produce more Super Soldier serum. Only for her to lead Sam, Bucky and Zemo to Nagle and subsequently see him killed. It just didn’t make a lot of sense for a person trying to get the scent off of her to get rid of her supplier.

John Walker’s role is also a bit underwhelming and confusing. He officially is donned the U.S. Agent by Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine after assisting Sam and Bucky with saving civilians. Comic fans know her as Madame Hydra but, what’s the real play with Walker? Is there more development of his character to come? He made a good first step in atonement but, will he ever receive that? Zemo had a nice quiet scene of finally getting rid of the Super Soldiers. Should it be assumed that this turns into a Anti-Avengers ala Thunderbolts? More will be uncovered in the future hopefully.

Finally, there’s the other guy whose name is in the title of the show. Bucky. Sure, he gets in on the action to help Sam but, boy was this an underwhelming show for him. The entire series he spends making amends from his brainwashed assassin days. However, by the end of this series, I don’t feel much character growth for him. He finally crosses off the last name but, likely doesn’t get the closure he was seeking. For being part of the title and being the closest friend to Cap, you would think there’s a bigger storyline for him other than feeling good about himself. It never came and I am definitely disappointed. You could of called this show The Falcon and Friends and still had the same impact.

Overall, this series probably needed a delay of six months to reshoot what they had. COVID definitely has weakened some of these series coming out but, I have to really question Marvel on this series. Sam is worthy of the shield and proved that to us by halfway so if they wanted more of a social commentary, why have action sequences that showcases more of the Falcon side instead of being that leader we wanted? Also, if the development of these characters were going to be hindered, why not extend out to eight episodes instead of forcing viewers six weeks of no Marvel TV? The series as a whole is likely fine for most viewers but, for myself, I wanted bold writing to take this in a direction we weren’t used to. Instead it played it safe and that hurt this series as a whole.